Drama Club - In Memoriam
The Magnolia tree to the left as you enter the main entrance of the Club House was planted January 9, 2012 by the Drama Club and dedicated to the memory of members who pass away. Their names are listed below. They shall not be forgotten.

Ralph Pauley 1945-2020
Joann Nyren 1936-2019
Paul Langevin 1943-2019
Tom Hooper 1933-2018
Dudley Saunderson 1939-2017
Andy Yaroschak 1923-2016
Richard Olufs 1924-2016
Don Goldberg 1947-2015
Joseph Miller 1927-2012
Alison Matera 1979-2011
Ken Kent 1936-2010
Robert Sears 1935-2010
 E. J. Ludolph 1946-2009
George Farrell 1940-2009
Morton Lefar 1937-2008
Marilyn M Olufs 1927-2007
Raymond White 1928-2007
Victor Peter Brisbois 1937-2006
Peter Eros 1939-2005

Rest in Peace honored colleagues. All of you made important contributions to the success of the Drama Club whether on-stage, off-stage or back stage. You will be missed.