The Cat Sitters Group of Heritage Pines takes care of your cat while you are temporarily away, and it is all volunteer work, at no cost to you.

How is this done? We have set up a group of cat owners that have agreed to sit for your cat and ask you to sit for their cat when that is needed. Once you join the group you will be able to post a request. Your post will be forwarded to every one of the 46 members. When one of them replies, you pick them, meet with them and make  the arrangements necessary to allow them to water, feed and clean the litter box in the morning and afternoon. You should provide all food and litter, info on cat needs, vet info, and how to contact you in case of emergency. A short vacation is easy to find a volunteer, for a longer time away suggest two or more share the chore.

It is not a rule but we do not want to care for pets other than a cat. NO DOGS, No birds! No reptiles. Probably not hamsters, rabbits, or even goldfish. Be willing to volunteer to care for someone’s cat. This has worked well for about six years and has saved Heritage Pines residents money and worry. Let us keep it going effectively. For info on joining, call Rusty Peacock at  (352) 232-5300,  or email at. [email protected].