The mission of the HP Food & Wine Club is to enjoy new culinary and wine experiences as a group, as well as events that members may not have been exposed to in just dining out on their own.  We are Foodies & Wineauxs!  A Foodie is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food. A Wineaux is a person who enjoys fine wine from a glass (not from a bottle in a bag – that would be wine-o).
Monthly events are planned by the Club’s Coordinator with input from Club members.  We usually have one event per month, sometimes more and sometimes we skip a month depending on the time of year. 
At this time there is no membership fee, but we sometimes collect money to cover the cost of food and wine for specific events.
Events are scheduled at nearby restaurants, wineries, residents’ homes, and our HP Club House.  Reservations for these events are made by calling or emailing the Club’s Coordinator.  If reservations need to be cancelled, please give ample notice so that those on the waiting list may be contacted or restaurants notified.  Many events have a seating limit, so the earlier you reserve your seat, the better the chance you have to attend the event.
We encourage all residents to support the events sponsored by HP and often reserve a table for our Club members at those events and dinners.
Our Club’s Mentor is HP’s Executive Chef, Josh Farrington, who occasionally will provide special dinners or food demonstrations for our Club Members.  These events are usually open to all HP residents, but sponsored by our Club.  These events may carry a fee.
Residents can get event notices by becoming a member.  We also have a column in the Pines Newsletter. 
To join our club, contact Hope Botterbusch at [email protected] or 727.233.2139